Should I Shop My Wedding Dresses Online?

Shop Wedding Dresses Online? Yes or No?

I faced this painful decision as to whether shop my wedding dresses online as well during my wedding planning. The difference between a wedding dress online and a rented gown is so glaring that it is difficult for me to overlook the $$$ that I can save. Well, in the end, I did shop my wedding dresses online.

However, here is the spoiler, despite my not-so-amazing experience, I will still recommend shopping wedding dresses online. In my honest opinion, I would say Yes to buy a wedding dress online if it is cheap and within your budget.

The online gown that I purchased is not so fitting unfortunately and I miserably found out that I had ordered a wrong size. Quality wise, it is actually quite similar to what I would have expected so there isn’t much surprise element there. I have my fair share of complaint for rented gowns too so after comparing the pros and cons of both options, I will still say it is a go for me!

online wedding dress                                                               shop wedding dress online

The above gown is the rented gown that I got it from a local bridal studio after my wrong size purchase of online wedding gown. As much as I loved the details of the neckline, it is actually not my ideal style. I would have wanted a long-sleeve wedding dress but the bridal gown has very limited choices on long-sleeve option. I think I would have chosen to shop online again for another long sleeve wedding dress, if I have the time.

Online Shopping  – Fair Share of Risks Involved

We have to accept that there are risks involved when you are purchasing your wedding dresses online, especially when you cannot view and try the products. I searched for a wedding dress in bridal studio in Australia for a while and realize that they all come with a high price tag. But if I can get one within 200 online? I will go for it because it is the risk that I think I can manage and I would rather spend five times less on a dress that I know I will only wear once.

This comes down to personal preference and priority as well. In fact, I know many couples who do not mind to splurge on wedding gown on this once-in-a-lifetime event for spending even ten times more than the online price tag. I may be the minority in this case because I am more cautious with my wedding budget and would rather spend that money on honeymoon instead. Haha.

Therefore, I certainly encourage you to go for a low price tag in terms of sourcing your wedding dress online. The risks of not viewing the products are there but if you can manage it, the price difference between a wedding dress that you saw in the stores and online can be HUGE in your wedding budget.

Of course, this is only applicable if you have a limited budget for wedding dresses. If you do have the budget, custom made wedding gown will definitely make the perfect fit and style for you. If that is your priority, you should go visit bridal stores personally to test the gown rather than spending the same amount online which involves certain risks.

In other notes, it is also important to discover what style suits you the best if you are going to choose a wedding dress online. Sometimes, the dress can be just as described in the image but we are not the model so it certainly does not look as nice as we thought it would be. However, choosing a correct style can definitely minimize that risk. I have also written some guides to help you here. Also, I cannot emphasize how important it is to read the reviews too! I am quite satisfied with my online purchase because I did spend a great amount of time to read the reviews before deciding on the final one.

Final Thoughts: 

I have heard many good comments on online purchase for wedding dresses so I guess mine was just a sad case that can be avoided if only I took the time to measure the correct size. I am actually quite satisfied with my purchase though. Well, it is way within my budget and I certainly do not count that as a loss. Contradicting to what many might have expected, I personally feel that it is not a bad shopping experience

Did you shop your wedding dresses online too? Let me know your thoughts!


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