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Plan for my wedding in a month! HELP is here!

If you are searching for answers on how to plan for my wedding in a month, you have come to the right place. While it is not ideal, you can certainly make it works with right tools. I recalled my experience to have to plan a wedding in a month. Frantically, I asked myself: Where should I start? 

how to plan for wedding

I know there are a lot of wedding websites that said you should plan as early as 1 or 2 years before, but my personal experience has taught me that even if you started the planning 1 month before, YOU WILL BE FINE! It is not entirely impossible. As the day ended, what etched in my mind is the steps that I took when I walked to the aisle and our joy as we stood together as husband and wife. It was a beautiful day and it still is.

That is why, it will be a beautiful day for you too because love is truly the greatest thing in the world.

Towards the end, it is your love towards each other that matters and the planning process is going to be worth it. 

Within the next few posts, I am going to share some wedding tips that work for me and definitely set me up on a good path. I have outlined a guide with FIVE tasks that will help you step-by-step in planning your perfect wedding!

How to plan for my wedding?

Step-by-Step Guide

Click each tasks below to find out more!

Task 1: Printable Wedding Planning Checklist to Download  

Task 2: Setting a Wedding Budget

Task 3: Choosing Your Unique Wedding Theme Ideas 

  • Pick your wedding theme here! I had also written a few other posts regarding different wedding theme to help you get started. With limited time you have, you might want to opt for either beach wedding or a church wedding.

Task 4: Preparing Wedding Day and Enjoy the Process!

  • In this post, I have outlined all your to-do tasks in which you can just copy and paste in your checklist and start preparing for your day! You can also browse the product reviews on wedding gifts for cheap and unique beach wedding products. You can also check out this page for a more thorough understanding on different type of wedding dresses.

Task 5: Important Things to Do on Wedding Day!

  • This is the ultimate checklist on the day itself to remind you on the things that you are bound to forget due to a hectic day. (It happened to me!) So check this out if you have all the plans already but just waiting for the big day!


Final Thoughts:

I hope that with this guide, you will have an idea to know how to plan for wedding, even in a short timeline! The checklist will highlight all the necessary items for you so you can focus on the more important stuffs. With short timeline however, it will be necessary for you to adjust your priority – you cannot have it all! Faced with such choices, it is important for me to decide whichever is more important in a wedding. Such reality but quite a good lesson for me to learn back then.

Procrastination is certainly not an ideal case here! #truestory

Leave comments to bookmark your day. You can also contact me for more information if you are looking for a wedding planner for your important day. Cheers!

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14 thoughts on “How to plan for wedding in a month?

  • Norman

    Hello and thanks for sharing, getting married is such a big and wonderful occasion that calls for a lot of work depending on how big the wedding is suppose to be. I once read and article where a man spend one billion dollars on his sons wedding believe it or not but when I saw the set up I could see why. Your post is very informative and has good information that is really helpful.

    • Susan Post author

      Hi Norman,

      I agree! Wedding planning does require a lot of work and efforts too. I just hope that the post has been helpful. Thank you for your kind comment!

  • Candice

    It is a wonderful experience when a couple marries. Wedding planning is certainly stressful but you are right, using the right tools helps out a great deal. Thank you for the inspiration and the templates to help plan a wedding. This step by step guide is essential for those who cannot afford a planner.

    • Susan Post author

      Hi Candice,

      Yes using the right tool certainly helps and the wedding planning checklist, in my opinion, helps me out for a great deal! I personally did not hire a wedding planner too so I understand how stressful it can be but it is certainly possible to organize a wedding of your own with the right tools available. Do share around the post if you think it is helpful! Thank you for your kind comments! Wishing you all the best.

      Cheers, Susan  

  • Agnes Nowak

    Hi Susan
    You know I’ve personaly gone through 2 weddings in my life … hahaha. So I know all about this. And back then I never had a list such as this one to follow. It would of helped to have read your post enormously 🙂 Im a Bridal Makeup Artist and to this day I talk to brides and hear their frustration as they are planning their wedding day. I hopr many brides2be and grooms will follow your advice.The more prepared and organized you are for this big event the better. Great job in spelling out the details.


    • Susan Post author

      Hi Agnes, 

      I definitely understand how you feel because I wished I would have someone told me about the list and what-to-do during my planning process and it could definitely help! Do share about the post if you can think of someone that will benefit from the article. Certainly if we are more prepared for the event, the better it would turn out to be! Thank you for your kind comments and I wish you all the very best! =)

      Cheers, Susan 

  • Ms. Kay

    I have seen people start wedding planning from 18 months in advance, I can never understand why it would take that long to plan a wedding. I think six months of planning is a good time, well that is what I did and things went smoothly. It also depends on the type of wedding, the guest list and the destination. Your printable checklist and task are helpful. My BFF just got engaged last month and her wedding is scheduled for November, so we are now in the planning stage. I will certainly use your tasks as a guide. Great post!

    • Susan Post author

      Hi there, thank you so much for your comment! Honestly, based on my personal experience, planning much earlier does help but if it is way too early, many would find that last minute changes are prone to happen so I would never recommend to plan that early too! Of course like what you say, it is also depends on the type of wedding, the guest list and the destination as well! I am glad that you find this checklist and task are helpful. Do share around and I would love to help in the future too!
      Cheers, Susan

  • Sharon

    It would have been great if I had this Step-by-Step Guide during my time. Complete with a Wedding Planning Checklist. I am sure many of your readers will benefit from your article. Will surely share this with my nieces and nephew whom should be getting married in the near future. Many thanks for the guidance.

    • Susan Post author

      Hi Sharon, thank you for your comments! It gives me so much joy knowing that this article can be of help to my readers! Yup do share around the article because I personally find that it truly helps with a wedding planning checklist during the planning process. Thank you for your kind input once again! 

  • Orion

    thanks for sharing and starting to give tips about wedding which happens to be a very stressful events for most people, so I am sure that the tips you give will help.
    A friend of mine got so stressed recently before her wedding that she needed psychological help. So although wedding should be a happy event many people can benefit from some useful tips.

    • Susan Post author

      Hi Orion, Thank you for your comment! I agree that wedding planning can be a stressful event for some too, wanting everything to be perfect and end up did not manage to enjoy the whole process! I hope using my own experience, these wedding tips can help most of the brides-to-be out there! Do share the post around if you think it can be beneficial! Thank you for your kind comments! 

  • Elizabeth

    I enjoyed reading your post as I am still amazed you can plan a wedding in only a month, however following your tips, instructions and spreadsheets, you have made it easier. I had 3 years to plan mine and last few months I was ready to just get married and enjoy the honeymoon. These easy steps for a bride can be life-savers especially the eating part. I actually had very little as I was too nervous and stomach in knots…so of course the glass of champagne in the limo hit me fast, but also calmed me. Haha!

    • Susan Post author

      Wow you had 3 years to plan which is soooo great! I have to say that planning in a month is definitely not ideal although I managed to pull it off. The day before I was still busy for the wedding decoration with the fresh flowers haha. What an eventful day it turned out to be but it was a beautiful day still!

      These steps were taken from my own experience which I found to be extra useful. I shared the same sentiment with you for the eating part! Totally forgot to have anything for breakfast as I too was nervous but I certainly hope that I had something back then. It is not easy to last to lunch time with all the photos and videos going on. 

      *Champagne does sound like a good idea though lol

      What was your wedding theme back then? I am sure it is a beautiful day too! =)