Honeymoon in Scandinavia

Honeymoon in Scandinavia – 21 days itinerary

honeymoon in Scandinavia

Are you looking for a honeymoon in Scandinavia with your own planning? While this might not be a popular choice, I have to say that it was one of the best decision that we had made. The place was gorgeous and beautiful beyond words and I strongly encouraged newly-wed couple to put this place in their bucket list. I assure you that you will not regret it! I am here to share my honeymoon in Scandinavia and all in all, we planned for a 21 days trip right after our wedding ceremony. It was in May 2017 and we tried to shortlist few other places but Scandinavia come out as top.

However, I do need to advise you that Scandinavia is NOT CHEAP. If you are concerned about the cost of traveling in Scandinavia and you rightly should, I believe that you do need to set aside a realistic budget to begin with. Let’s say, how does a 21 days trip in Scandinavia that covers the flight, travel cost, accommodation that amount to a total of USD5000 per person sound? (Truth is, you can actually spend less than that! Since this is a honeymoon, I rightly booked our trip in all 3 stars hotel at least and had quite decent meals every time! Haha) So I believe you can make do with possibly USD4000 per person?

It wasn’t an easy feat to plan a honeymoon to Scandinavia and honestly speaking, I felt even a 21 days trip did not do the place justice. I am quite ambitious looking at we probably have very small chance to come back again so I aim to cover the 3 main countries during my trip – Norway, Sweden and Copenhagen.

Here is the itinerary that I have for our honeymoon. We planned the trip for 6 months and did all the booking 3 months ahead our trip in May. Basically, we secured our flight tickets first and I am truly glad that we did because the flight certainly played a major part in our budget. The flight that we secured through Singapore Airlines was a direct flight from Singapore to Copenhagen and it costed us about 1000usd return. (I would like to think that it was quite a deal because we very much preferred a direct flight and we only bought the flight 5 months before our trip!)


All in all, here is a general guideline for you: .

honeymoon in Scandinavia

21 days itinerary in Scandinavia

Transport in Scandinavia

I have highlighted in the route above on how we get to each city. After that, we used each city as a base before we ventured out in outer city area. Basically, it was a trip involving every means of transport you can think of: Flight, train, bus, cruises. Yes, you would have guessed it that we did not resort to renting cars because truth is, my husband and I are not very confident in driving, especially in areas that we are not familiar with. So, if you are thinking to navigate Scandinavia by public transport, I do hope that the information here will help you.

honeymoon in Scandinavia

On board the Hurtigruten Cruise. One of the most beautiful voyages I had been!

One of the best decisions that we have made during our trip is taking a cruise in Norway to navigate the Norwegian coastlines. Since we did not rent a car, we had decided to go on a cruise and what better ways to see Norway than on a cruise? The cruise company that we went with was Hurtigruten. and we had an overall very enjoyable cruising experience. It was one of that magical moments when you embraced your loved ones while witnessing such magnificent landscapes in the earth, feeling so overwhelmed with thankfulness and love.

Food in Scandinavia

Food in Scandinavia is somewhat very different from what I would have expected. A lot of cured meat and seafood that is around in the area due to an indispensable living associated with fishing and the rich aquatic sea. We had great seafood when we were there although I did not particularly enjoy the cured food it is. And had I mentioned about monk fish? YOU DEFINITELY HAVE to try one of those!

honeymoon in Scandinavia

Monk Fish in Oslo, Norway. It was so firm and tasted a lot like… LOBSTER!! (There you go for you to imagine but it is THAT firm!)

Accommodation in Scandinavia

I sourced my accommodation mainly in booking.com and I believe that you can find great deals there! One tip that I used that managed to save some money is while I secured the free cancellation booking in booking.com, I checked out the actual website of the hotel (if they have), and to my surprise some hotels actually offered cheaper rates. That is not all the cases of course but it is worth the check. And if you have booked with booking.com and indeed found a cheaper rate elsewhere, they have the best price guarantee so you can always submit a claim! ( I did that and received a refund of the price difference which was a bonus for me!)

This is a general route that I have. Of course I will write in more details if you are interested to know more. Leave a comment below if you would like to know more for any particular aspect in Scandinavia!

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